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You pay a lot of attention to your company’s brand and marketing—and that includes corporate videos. With 90 Seconds, a local London video production company with a team of global experts, you can have corporate videos that are even more impressive than all of London’s hotspots put together.

With 23,000+ videos, 3,000+ brands and 160+countries, 90 Seconds works.

How the new format for corporate videos can improve your company’s image

It used to be that corporate videos weren’t given as much investment or attention, at least not when compared to more brand-focused videos or commercials that were designed for a larger audience. But with the popularity of video sharing platforms such as YouTube, corporate videos have taken on new meaning for businesses just like yours.

Why corporate videos are a good bet

When before they might have been limited to a specific in-house audience, corporate videos are now used to make worldwide announcements about a company or give others a deep insight into a company’s ethos, culture and business values.

Corporate branding

To send a clean, clear message to your audience, it’s important to have corporate videos that are just as put-together as the rest of your brand and marketing. 90 Seconds can do that for you.

The World’s Cloud Video Production Service.

Remember, when you choose 90 Seconds, you’re not choosing a third-party video production services provider, you’re choosing a partner devoted to your company’s success.

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