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Why does web video excite you: It excites me because it is accessible and affordable. No longer is advertising bound by the big three, print, TV and radio, and their big prices.
How important is your role to the production process: I get the money and hear the clients feedback, both are important in ensuring the production process is smooth and easy.
What would you like people to know about 90? That our brand pillars are speed, quality, price and simplicity. If you don’t get a video fast, easy, at a high quality and a good price then 90 will do it’s most to ensure this is fixed so that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
Where do you see video in two years from now? It will become more important and bigger. If you had the choice between reading about a product or being shown a product through video, I am sure, 99% of the time, everyone would choose the latter option. I know I would.
What setting 90 apart?
Our 4 brand pillars:
What project are you most proud of:
Rhythm and Vines. The project was signed off just 3 days before the office closed on the 20th of December and in that time I managed to organise everything we needed and all the logistics, including a 3 person crew, to produced 2 videos from a 3 day event. The finished result was also fantastic.

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