Global Entrepreneurs Program – Deal Making – UKTI Alumni Event London 2012

The Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) mission is to attract the world’s best sustainable, early-stage companies and entrepreneurs to set up their global HQs in the UK.

The global entrepreneurs programme does this by attracting the world’s best sustainable, early-stage companies and entrepreneurs to set up their global HQ in the UK. This video was filmed at the Bloomberg event on 11th December 2012.

We are here for the global entrepreuneurs program alumni event london 2012 held by UKTI, we hold one every year to bring together and hope to give them some inspiration and some business insights. The global entrepreneurs program is trying to bring in more techonology based companies to the UK, bring in entreprenuers to set up their HQ here in the uk then we can help there companies go global from the uk base.

The UKTI global entrepreneurs program event london 2012 allows entrepreneurs to give back to the start up community, and allows start ups to be able to network with each other as well as people more experienced at the event.

People at the global entrepreneurs program event london 2012 speak about:
* Ive always enjoyed working with start ups
* Its great to be able to talked to some one more experienced then you
* All entrepreuneurs are irrationally optimistic about the world, they believe that they can change the world.

The UKTI Global Entrepreneurs Program inspires people to be bold and brave.

London is rapidly becoming this global hub of entreprenuership, and the more we can do to attract the best and the brightest from around the world to London the more successful we will be.

The global entrepreneurs program london 2012 helps people connect with other like minded individuals but also with other businesses who are completely beyound there field of expertise ro help them grow and gain experience.

The Global Entrepreneus programme is fantastic, its free for the entreprenuer, they get a deal maker, the insight that the dealer maker is able to give them can aclerate there progress and help them to realise their ambitions and their potential more then they would do if they were on there own. Someone who would normally take 3-5 years to grow there company, with the global entreprenuers programme, they could grow there company in 6 – 18 months this is really what deal making is all about.

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