Growth Manager Role Opportunity at 90 Seconds

At 90 Seconds, our mission is to help brands create beautiful, high-quality videos – anywhere in the world.

At 90 Seconds, our mission is to help brands create beautiful, high-quality videos – quickly, easily, and affordably – anywhere in the world.

A Growth Manager’s responsibilities include developing strong relationships with premium plus/enterprise customers, connecting with key business stakeholders to drive new business growth. An enterprise account is identified by a an annual video spend greater than 100k.

Growth Manager’s main focus is to activate a pre identified “book of business” within key industry verticals ensuring the 90 Seconds platform is embedded within an organisations content workflow.

Working across departments and potentially regions a key focus is to work within each organisation on a regular monthly call cycle providing excellence in customer service, support, training and commercial partnership negotiations.

This role is KPI’d and incentivised on the growth and retention of premium plus clients exceeding monthly revenue and meeting count targets.

Candidates for this role will know how to meet ambitious individual and team-wide sales quotas and have solid BDM experience.

Growth Managers will collaborate with our Success and support team to achieve quotas while keeping our clients satisfied and engaged with our cloud based technology solutions.

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