How can we do a better job of connecting entrepreneurs? – Vaughan Rowsell – Thought Leader Series

The Kiwi Landing Pad is a platform for New Zealand technology companies to Land and Expand into the US market. It’s a way to hit the ground running from day one, literally jump off the plane, grab a desk and some wifi and get to work doing what you do best – growing your business. In our 4th year of running, we thought we’d get some of our successful and up and coming entrepreneurs to share their journeys and talk about the value of having access to a place like the Kiwi Landing Pad. Our community is all about knowledge sharing and giving back.

People are thinking how to connect like minded people together who are on similar journeys and paths. It doesn’t need to be complex or formal. What we need in New Zealand is good old fashioned introductions through places like the Kiwi Landing Pad where you can meet other entrepreneurs on the same journey in the US. The informal conversations, dinners and drinks are always the most useful where you can sit down and have an honest conversation. “The way I try combat this is by adopting two entrepreneurs who I check in with once a month, we chat, share and learn off each other. It’s like a sanity check and is very helpful to keep me grounded,” says Vaughan.

Kiwi Landing Pad

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