How Uber Does Global Video Production on 90 Seconds (15)

See how Uber uses the 90 Seconds cloud video creation platform to produce a video in 8 counties!

Shooting in 36 locations, 8 counties in 12 days like Uber? We’ve built 90 Seconds to work especially well for some of the world’s biggest fastest growing most global companies, here’s what regular customer UBER had to say about how and why 90 Seconds is how they roll when running video shoots and producing videos all over the world.

90 Seconds strips back the complexity of video production, giving brands and agencies access to a marketplace of creatives, and an automated, end-to-end suite of workflow tools. The 90 Seconds marketplace enables flexible and easy discovery of more than 5,000 video creative professionals in over 70 countries across 40 categories including videographers, directors, editors, producers, animators, drone operators, photographers and many more.

These creatives can seamlessly collaborate on a comprehensive software platform which allows customers the ability to purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review professional videos across the globe – all online or from their mobile.

90 Seconds

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