So how do you cycle around the world in only 60 days? Like this…

After 7 years going hard at Vend, Vaughan had two months off coming up.

He stepped out of the CEO role to free himself up a bit. He knew he needed to set a big goal to work towards. That’s how his brain works. Big or nothing at times. Perhaps go cycling in France or something like that, but it didn’t feel epic enough. What about instead “How could I ride around the world, in 60 days?” So how do you cycle around the world in only 60 days? Like this…

Just cycle across the skinny bits.

Starting in Cape Town then cycling across Africa, across Tasmania Australia, through the middle of New Zealand, and then Chile to Argentina ending up in Buenos Aires. Sticking to the 41 – 46th parallel.

Sometimes solving an impossible challenge just requires you to change how you look at it. Cycling around the world through the Northern Hemisphere would take a year or more. Going through the skinny bits in the Southern Hemisphere makes it much quicker, more like 7 weeks.

So, September, 2016, a bag, a bike, and a bit of a mapped plan circumnavigating the world solo on his bike.

Just do the skinny bits

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