Mining Kiwi Gold: A Kea Breakfast with Sir Stephen Tindall & ‘BlackGold’

Kea is hosted its founder and Kiwi businessman Sir Stephen Tindall at a breakfast in London in July. Stephen describes his personal goal as ‘to help New Zealanders realise their full potential for the overall benefit of New Zealand’, and has been involved in a large and varied number of projects over the years

He brought with him two special guest speakers from the New Zealand sporting world: stopping off on their way to the Glasgow Commonwealth games, the chief executives of Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ) and High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ), Peter Miskimmin and Alex Baumann joining the breakfast to bring news of some of the innovation coming out of ‘GoldMine’, a technology project focused on giving Kiwi athletes a winning edge. They also outlined ‘BlackGold’ – a new philanthropic collaboration between their two organisations and the NZOC.


We rated the 90 experience:

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