Morgan Scott – Video Marketing Consultant UK at 90 Seconds

Morgan Scott – Video Marketing Consultant UK at 90 Seconds, discusses online video and working for 90Seconds

Hi I’m Morgan Scott and I’m a video marketing consultant with 90 Seconds.

Web Video excites me because it is the most effective, creative and engaging medium there is to get your message seen and heard. With the aid of high speed internet, mobile devices and social media, distributing and consuming video is faster and easier then ever before.

I help organisations like ‘yours’ create fantastic videos using our Cloud Video Production Service. I work with you to plan your video strategy based on your goals and I help you to kick start the whole process with ease.

90 Seconds has simplified the whole process to making your video. Your video project sits securely on the cloud allowing you full access and complete transparency. Oh and we also film globally at no extra cost.

2 years from now video will become super interactive, giving consumers more choice as to what they want to watch and allowing businesses to offer consumers what they demand.

So, don’t get left behind, let 90 Seconds refresh your business with fantastic videos

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