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Why does web video excite you?

I love video as it is the easiest way to convey your message to the user by the click of a play button and then shared as easily worldwide. I know I cannot resist hitting the play button!

How is your role important to the production process?

My role is the first step in creating a brief. I get an understanding of a business/ company and their objectives and bring the concept to life.

What would you like people to know about 90?

We have built our own bespoke platform in order to simplify the whole creative process from purchase to publish. We have produced over 3,500 videos all around the world in under 4 years with shoots in 18 counties in 2013.
Our team at 90 is a well oiled machine spitting out awesome web videos.

Where do you see video in two years from now?
Video will play a major part in any successful marketing campaign. People will be more tech savvy with more portable devices. Users will have more control with what they are looking at, how they are surfing the net and with more opt in channels. Video will be the number 1 tool to interact with the consumer.

To be used for future videos.

What setting 90 apart? Short sound bite answers x 4.

We are Low cost (Almost too low cost)
We can film anywhere at anytime all around the world.
We can turn a project from purchase to publish in hours.
As a team we have a huge knowledge, understanding and years of experience of all thing digital.

What project are you most proud off?

‘nib’ internal video – featuring a rugby ball as a talking stick – Bringing an idea to life

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