The People’s Boat – The Movement Is Growing

Kiwi’s are celebrating the all the winning that Team New Zealand is making happen at the America’s cup and celebrating in style at the the home of New Zealand at the America’s Cup, the awesome Moa Bar – Too much Fun! Woohoo!!

New Zealand is being called “The People’s Boat” at this year’s America’s Cup.

People all around San Francisco were interviewed and it seems that support for the Kiwis is strong from people from San Francisco, Italy, United Kingdom, and all around the world. Not just fellow Kiwis.

Reasons for supporting “The People’s Boat” vary, but the name itself and the local San Francisco support stems from the fact unlike the other teams who are bankrolled by an individual billionaire, New Zealand is party funded by the people of New Zealand in the form of government sponsorship (i.e. tax payer money), as well as a family of sponsors.

Moa Beer

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