Victoria Puxty – Success Manager at 90 Seconds

A personal profile of Auckland based 90 seconds Success Manager Victoria Puxty.

Meet Victoria Puxty from 90 Seconds.

Why does web video excite you?
Because it’s instant and with you everywhere, you are able to share an idea or event on video with anyone world wide.

How is your role important to the production process?
I’ll look after the customer from the planning process right through until they have a final project, insure everything goes to plan, and managing any hiccups in the process. Also keeping the freelance community strong and happy. To ensure the success of all 90 seconds projects

What would you like people to know about 90?
The we are a dynamic team that provide great turnaround on awesome web videos for a competitive price.

Where do you see video in two years from now?
Web video being the strongest form of media, with people relying on there smart phone and devises for more and more.

To be used for future videos.
What setting 90 apart?
Friendly, efficient, Fast and cost effective

What project are you most proud off?
Manuka health I was lucky enough to be involved with the filming as well as the overseeing of this project, building a great relationship with this client.

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