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Amidst gently rolling hills and the majestic Austrian Alps, there are plenty of picturesque places to shoot video in Austria. This small country offers you big opportunities, incorporating a mix of historical elements and the cosmopolitan culture of the capital city. Follow a route along the Danube River, where you'll discover small towns and serene landscapes just waiting to serve as the backdrop to your video. Head to mountains to capture your own version of a snowglobe, or stick to historic sites where architecture still tells tales of days gone by.

Whether you're looking for a snow-capped getaway that captures a feeling of seclusion, or you'd rather set up shop on a sidewalk and pass the day by watching passersby, there's a place in Austria that's perfect for setting the mood.

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Top Austria Filming Destination

Salzburg's Altstadt

Old Town of Salzberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fiercely preserved, you'll find Medieval and Baroque architecture just as it was built hundreds or thousands of years ago. Fortress Hohensalzg stands high above the city, while the Salzach River flows steadily before the city. There is no angle of this city that won't provide interesting video footage.

Salzburg's Leopoldskron Palace

Built in 1736, Schloss Leopoldskron is surrounded by panoramic mountain views. Once serving as a high-profile meeting place for notable members of the arts and culture scene, it seems only natural that this castle is a premier location for video shoots in Austria. If you've seen "The Sound of Music," you'll likely recognize this noble building.

Pöstlingberg Pilgrimage Basilica of Linz

Pöstlingbergbahn elevates the beauty of Linz, bringing visitors to the top of the local mountain via a tram that ascends the steepest railway in Europe. Atop the mountain, you'll have a picture-perfect perspective of the world, with breathtaking views of the charming city of Linz, the Danube River, and the beautiful Pöstlingberg Pilgrimage Basilica.

Vienna's City Center

Vienna's historic city center is characterized by phenomenal architecture that's withstood the tests of time. Old meets new in a metropolitan city that's built for the ages. Grand governmental buildings stand alongside museums and centers for the arts, as waterways, street trams, and sidewalk cafes add interesting elements to the eye.

The Vineyards of Rust

Colorful pastel buildings set the stage in this lakeside village that's surrounded by serene vineyards. In town, you'll find historic buildings, wineries, and cellars, some of which have been in operation for over 600 years. Just beyond the village, Lake Neuseidl awaits with its enchanting and welcoming presence.

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