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Though some see nature and civilization as antithetical, Christchurch proves that they can thrive side-by-side. As the largest city on New Zealand's South Island, Christchurch has all the amenities of a modern, industrialized nation. Yet visitors will immediately notice the lush valleys and snowy mountains surrounding it, providing a powerful contrast between the human and the natural. Such a contrast is invaluable for filmmakers, whether as a way to capture the contradictions of our species' existence or simply to provide a beautiful backdrop to a modern human story. Christchurch video production thus opens you up to a wide range of aesthetic and storytelling possibilities, especially if you film in one of the following key locations:

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Top Christchurch Filming Destination

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens

First opened in 1863, the Botanic Gardens have become a haven for not only New Zealand's plant life, but flora from all over the world. Each section of the garden is devoted to a different type of plant, with areas for roses, herbs, lilies, and Rhododendron, to name just a few. The gardens then punctuate this natural beauty with fountains, houses, and other works of art and architecture.

The Christchurch Town Hall

Designed to reflect the creativity and artistic sense of the city's residents, the Town Hall is famous for its imposing, multicolor entrance as well as its sleek interior. Although the building is currently being rebuilt after sustaining earthquake damage in 2011, the new Town Hall will provide just as beautiful a film site as the old.

The Adrenalin Forest

Located on the margins of Christchurch, the Adrenalin Forest is perfect for filming parkour, spots competitions, and a variety of other athletic and exploratory endeavors. The forest has a hundred highly challenging athletic activities, including zip lines, obstacle courses, and canopy walks.

A Hot Air Balloon

Though technically not a location in the city, hot air balloon rides are one of the most popular activities for Christchurch visitors and residents. A single balloon ride gives you the opportunity to film the city's skyline as well as the nearby Pacific Ocean, Canterbury Plains, and snow-capped mountains.

Cathedral Square

Showcasing New Zealand's historic and modern architecture, Cathedral Square is widely considered the heart of the city. From here, you can film a wide variety of Christchurch's most important buildings, including the ChristChurch Cathedral, the Citizens' War Memorial, the Press Building, and the Regent Theatre.

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