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The country of Colombia has a bit of a mixed reputation amongst the rest of the world, but the right video production can open people's minds to a new culture, new sights and new foods to discover. When you show all that a particular region can offer, you can effectively pique the interest of the viewer to new heights. When shooting videos in Colombia, keep those locations in mind.

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Top Colombia Filming Destination

Art in Bogota

From graffiti to the museums, art has long since been the favored medium in Bogota to tell stories, caution against history's mistakes and show the conflict the country has endured. There are plenty of tours available throughout the city or you can simply take some walks to find it all. Get the big picture of what's popular, and you can choose which parts to show in your Colombian video and which to leave out.

Barefoot Park in Medellin

Take off your shoes and play in this park in Medellín. An excellent place to find kids running around amidst gardens, sand and water fountains, it's an opportunity to show the lighter and more wholesome side of the country. This place captures the family lifestyle of the country, and the fun of being free to roam with as few restraints as possible.


This huge food market in Bogota is more than just a place to pick up the ingredients for dinner. It's a way to show how people live, shop, eat and interact with each other. This place leaves a lasting impression of viewers not just because of its size and the amount of food choices available, it is a fantastic way to give people a real sense of life in the big city. From arguments over prices to the who's stand is the most popular, you can tell a story in just a few seconds.

Zaperoco Bar

The city of Cali is known for its music, mainly due to its racial diversity and raw nature of life. This city has equal parts grit, heart and passion, so it makes for a good spot to film the less glossy parts of the country. This bar is well known for its musical acts, where visitors can go to show off their salsa moves or meet the friendly bartenders. Live music in an intimate setting with plenty of drinks is celebrated, and makes for a great way to show off the real-life, down-and-dirty parts of Colombia.

Castillo de Salgar

Castles are always a good way to get people interested in a particular city, if only because these old buildings stoke the imagination like few other places can. Colombian video production has to be about more than just what's happening right now. The whole country was founded on a detailed history, and that history is both evocative and compelling to many travelers. This stronghold that was originally a prison in the city of Baranquilla is an excellent place to showcase that sense of wonderment.

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