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Commercials Video Production

A video commercial refers to a video that is shot with the aim of promoting a product, service or brand. Video commercials are broadcasted on television or through social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. They are also broadcasted on live billboards and any other forms of media that supports customer viewing. The goal of a video commercial is to raise awareness with current and potential customers, acquire new leads, nurture existing leads, and also increase conversions. You can shoot a video commercial with either a professional camera or just a smartphone camera. It does not really matter what equipment you use for your commercial video production, the only thing that matters is the quality of its content. Here is an example of a video commercial shot for Bentley Motors with an iPhone.

3 Vitals tips in making a video commercial

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For an evolving project the communication has been excellent. We have produced a series of excellent videos and learnt heaps in the process. I'm very happy with the service, ideas and quality of the project.

Foodstuffs NZ

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In commercial video production, it’s all about crafting a message that captures your audiences and speaks to them in depth. Making of a basic video commercial isn’t all that difficult. With proper planning, efficient production, and the following crucial tips, you can make a commercial that wins over audiences massively.

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90 Seconds is the world’s leading cloud video production platform, allowing brands to purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review video anywhere in the world, online and on mobile.

90 Seconds – The world’s leading cloud video production platform

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