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Dubai Video Production

Dubai is a great place to shoot video. It's always sunny. The people are friendly and the architecture and landscape is amazing. Whether it's the classic Middle Eastern Style Open Air Markets, the crystal blue waters of the state of the art business sector, Dubai is the place for a truly amazing Dubai video production. So start getting your permits in order, while we look at 5 great Dubai locations.

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Top Dubai Filming Destination

Garhoud Bridge

This bridge is a show of solid blue neon lights reflecting off the water below, making the night glow. You'll get the most amazing shots at dusk and dawn as the Dubai sun rises and sets right over the bridge. It's spectacular.

Bastakiya to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station

This is happening place to catch the bustle of busy crowds of mostly locals rushing here and there to work, shopping and school. Capture life in Dubai at it rawest in this slice of life type location.

The Dhow Building Yard

Catch men hard at work building boats in the building yard, along Dubai Creek. They take great pride in the process, using only manual boat-building tools that have been in use for centuries if not longer.It's perfect for a period piece or documentary.

Spice Souk (A.k.a.: Old Souk)

Experience all of the flavor of Dubai in this very popular traditional market. This is the place that everyone comes together, tourists, locals, vendors and those like us looking to capture buying, selling and bartering at it realest. You'll find jewelry, trinkets, home goods, artists who will paint your portrait on the spot, and of course many, many spices that we just never get to see at home.

Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, you already know the forecast -- sunny and hot. But it's a dry heat, as they say. Either way, if you are accustomed to more temperate climates then you will want to escape to this oasis, at least for a while. Get some great footage while you're at it. City planners and builders went all out to make this a dream-like location with fountains and waterfalls, shopping, events and architecture that you won't find anywhere else.

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