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Fiji is an archipelago comprised of more than 300 islands, of which more than 100 have people living on them all of the time. The two major of islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu where almost 90% of the residents live. Fiji has one of the most well-developed economies in that part of the Pacific because it has a mixture of forest land, mineral resources, and fishing to sustain its people. And, plenty of tourists know this is a great place to visit and relax.

The country was a colony of Great Britain until 1970 when it got its independence. Today, the country is a democracy with a stable government that wants people to come visit.

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Fiji is a beautiful country spread out in the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, there are many things tourists should do, including many beautiful beaches to visit. Somehow the sunset in Fiji is warmer and more beautiful than most places on earth. Perhaps it is the odor of vanilla scented orchids, or the beauty of boats on the horizon, but if you ever video one sunset in your life, the sunset on a beach in Fiji will be the one.


Nadi has a fun souvenir market where visitors can pick up native crafts to remember their visit to Fiji. Some of the more popular items visitors find include wooden kava bowls, cannibal forks to show the folks back home, and stunning saris that have been painted by hand. While in Nadi you can also enjoy some fresh fish curry and spiced roti—a way to taste the melding if the culture made of natives, Bengalis, and Indians who have settled here over the centuries.

Fire Walking

Fire walking had to start somewhere and had to be part of someone’s original culture. One of the answers about the origin of fire walking can be found in Fiji. The beaches around Fiji are beautiful, and they are sometimes home to the Sawau tribe who are considered to be the first fire walkers. Video these brave warriors as they demonstrate their heritage for visitors.


Great islands in the movies have beautiful waterfalls. Fiji has even better waterfalls than the movies. Take a hike through the beautiful jungle and see orchids, tree ferns, and some of the most beautifl waterfalls on earth. The Tavoro waterfall is 60 feet of white water that falls into a beautiful pool. If you’re looking for one place to video in Fiji, this will encapsulate your entire trip.


The Liuliku Lagoon is where Fiji has beautiful overwater huts. You’ve seen the postcards and the commercials with these huts, now take some time and visit them, or choose another crystal clear lagoon to kayak through and just enjoy life.

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