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Finance Video Production

Creating videos for finance requires a special balance between being authoritative without burying the viewer with too much technicality or legalase. No one is going to win a video award talking about the semantics of reading financial statements. So a finance video, whether it be for training or for marketing, needs to focus more on the end results or benefits a viewer will receive from finance. These should be rewards that can then be visualized with specific images such as increased income, savings, efficiencies, reduced waste and avoided fraud, investment success, retirement stability and similar. Successful finance imaging is as much about telling a story as it is projecting a desired ending, which then draws viewers in to find out more.

Between the video introduction and the summary, some technical features can be added. These could include, for example, a high level overview of a particular financial methodology, or possibly how a financial problem was solved with a given approach that ended up not just fixing the issue but improving the business or individual on a long-term, permanent basis. Again, becoming too technical bogs the video down and makes it hard to then transition back to a high level summary closing segment. So the technical feature material for a video needs to be enough to give the viewer an impression of expert knowledge but not so detailed as to force visualization of a guidebook how-to process one formula at a time.

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Specific items that should be incorporated in a finance video production include:

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