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Finland Video Production

Anyone with experience making videos understands that the most important part of a quality film is the correct location. For this reason, many people choose Finland for a wide variety of video genres. Finland is located in Scandinavia and while the weather might be a little chilly, it is still home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. Furthermore, Finland is known for its geographic variety including beautiful coastlines, wondrous nature scenes, and busy cities. Some people might frown on the logistics of traveling to such a location; however, people who are willing to invest in a plane ticket will quickly find that the trip is worth the destination on the other side. For some of the top locations for video production in Finland, check out some of the most popular sights below!

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Top Finland Filming Destination


First up is Linnanmaki. This is a widely popular amusement park located in Finland. Teenagers visit the area to enjoy some thrilling roller coaster rides and parents are often visiting to enjoy a family day with the children. This is a perfect location for people looking for a unique background for everything from horror films to crime dramas.


For people interested in a historical film, Suomenlinna is the place to visit. This is an 18th-century sea fortress that has been well-maintained and remains a popular destination for history classes and tourists. Films with a historical feel should take advantage of this location.

Temppeliaukio Church

While this is a mouthful to pronounce, this church is one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. Almost every movie should find a way to incorporate the fascinating architecture and powerful colors into the film. This church is a priority for the Finnish government and makes a striking impression on all who enter.

Helsinki Senate Square

The entire city of Helsinki is beautiful and the senate square is at the center of it all. With towering government buildings and a square that is constantly bustling with activity, people looking to film a busy background for a scene should check out this square.


This is an island that is best-known for its open-air museum. This museum has a handful of unique exhibits that would make for exceptional background shots for a variety of videos. Try to stop by this island and see what everyone has been talking about. Nobody will be disappointed.

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