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One of the largest and most successful countries in the world, in relation to their GDP, is Germany. Annually, Germany has more than 25 million overnight visitors each year. These guests have the opportunity to see history—much of it going back thousands of years—a diverse countryside, big cities, and more which makes it a popular place to visit. There are many different themed routes tourists interested in different cultural activities can follow, Bavaria and the Black Forest, many important sites from World War II, as well as modern cities with both great history and many varied activities.

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Top Germany Filming Destination

German Wine Road

This route, as it sounds, takes visitors through German wine country. This route is only about 40 miles long, but wine connoisseurs may find that it will take a few days to cover all of this territory and sample the great German wines.

The German Avenue Road

People interested in having a “German” experience should travel this 220 mile route. The route goes partly through Bavaria, and it includes several beautiful, picture postcard communities with castles. This themed route also includes a trip through Wurzburg. Those who imagine German wooden cottages will enjoy this tour.

The German Fairy Tale Route

This route is 370 miles long, and runs from central Germany to the north. Stops along the way include places that were prominent in the lives and the stories of the Brothers Grimm who wrote Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Other stops include buildings that are referred to as Sleeping Beauty Castle, the town of Hamelin which is known for its pied piper fame, and the house of Little Red Riding Hood. There are other buildings that have important architecture that can be seen along the way.

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