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Hospitality Video Production

Hotels and resorts are where people want to get away from it all: and when creating videos for the hospitality industry, you need to do just that.

Stunning visuals in the form of pictures and videos are a must: a vast majority of hotel and resort bookings are done online today. The hotel’s most prominent amenities need to be shown to prospective travelers and it must look so appealing that they’ll want to book a stay right away, but without setting expectations too high. Good uses of hospitality videos include virtual tours of rooms, the property’s surroundings, and the kind of activities one can do in and around the hotel or resort.

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Tips for Creating Videos for the Hospitality Industry:

Show off the hotel's most attractive features and amenities but don't set unrealistic expectations. Guests obviously know that the video will show a more polished version of a standard hotel room, but don't show an Olympic-sized swimming pool if the real thing is hardly bigger than a hot tub.

90 Seconds put together a captivating story that highlighted the best attributes of the work we preformed as well as our customers success.Jessica Magelssen

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