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Istanbul is a gateway that sits amid the differing worlds of Europe and Asia. The blending of culture, philosophy, and architecture that occurs here is not only unique but deep enough to touch the soul. Let's explore some of the fascinating places for video production in Istanbul.

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Top Istanbul Filming Destination

The Bazaar

The bazaar in Istanbul is an amazing place to grab video footage. It offers such an eclectic vantage point that connects all of the pieces of this amazing city. From here you gain the ""flavor"" as you explore the culture. In terms of visual opportunities, expect to find a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and as both natives and tourists meander through the stalls. Here too you gain quality audio from music, conversation, and the piping of vendors hawking their wares.

The Blue Mosque

From the vibrancy of the bazaar turn to the solemn beauty that is the mosques. These are huge buildings that emote a grandeur that is both imposing and beautiful. The Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Mosque is the perfect example. It offers structures that provide interest from both afar and up close. Hagia Sophia is another example that offers a deep history and a conflicted past. Hagia Sophia is a gateway and for videographers that gate is a beautiful tool to add drama to your project.

The Galata Tower

For panoramic views, the trip to Galata Tower is the only place where you can look out over the city and capture the size and beauty. Getting to the Galata Tower is fairly easy. Just use the elevator and plan your trip there with some consideration. The views are spectacular but even more so during sunrise and sunset, especially on days when the full moon occurs as the sun sinks.

The Waterways of Istanbul

Water is the essence of life and Istanbul is blessed with a number of amazing waterways. Start with the Black Sea and meander to the Sea of Marmara. The Bosphorus Strait is another must see and each of these destination offers videographers plenty of opportunities to create artful backdrops, add drama, or introduce key points of interest. Like the trip to the Galata Tower, the waterways of Istanbul are easy to explore. There are a number of tourist ferries that serve the areas and allow for easy exploration and shot scouting expeditions.

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