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Job Listings Video Production

Why consider video production for job listings? The reason is simple—because a dynamic and informative video will attract top-tier talent to your workplace. To maintain a high-level of professionalism, you need to make certain the video productions come out flawless.

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Tips for Creating Job Listings Videos

Remember to keep job listing videos brief to increase viewership. Productions longer than five minutes aren’t likely to be watched. Ask for feedback on your video to get opinions on what works in the video and what doesn’t.

Great to work with you guys again, We’re stoked with the films and think they show off our product perfectly!!Julia Jaensch

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株式会社ファンコミュニケーションズ様 新卒採用向け営業職種紹介動画
株式会社ファンコミュニケーションズ様 新卒採用向け会社風景紹介動画

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