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Johannesburg Video Production

As South Africa's largest and most prosperous city, Johannesburg is well-known for its soaring skyline and bustling city center. However, videographers exploring the possibilities for shooting video in Johannesburg should be aware of the city's multi-faceted nature. Besides its tall buildings and business districts, Johannesburg is also home to wildlife reserves, intimate and trendy neighborhoods, parks and gardens, historic townships, and traditional markets. Together, this varied landscape makes Johannesburg a dream location for videographers looking to capture a diverse and vibrant city.

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Top Johannesburg Filming Destination

Lion Park

Home to a large variety of indigenous predators as well as large herbivores, the Lion Park wildlife conservatory is best known for the 80 lions that give the park its name. Lion Park remains one of the best places to shoot video in Johannesburg that captures the wild beauty of the surrounding countryside.


One of Johannesburg's most visited tourists spots, the bohemian suburb of Melville is also popular among the students of the nearby University of Johannesburg. With its streets lined with restaurants, cafes, and local shops, Melville is the ideal place to film the day-to-day life of Johannesburg's hip and trendy youth.

Johannesburg Botanical Garden

First opened as a large rose garden in 1964, the Johannesburg Botanical Garden has since expanded to cover over 125 hectares. The original rose garden, now boasting over 10,000 individual roses, remains one of the garden's most popular draws. Despite its proximity to bustling downtown Johannesburg, the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place to film the region's natural beauty.


Famously home to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Soweto--short for South Western Townships--is one of Johannesburg's townships known both for its historical role during apartheid-era South Africa as well as for its current vibrant street life. Filled with landmarks showcasing South Africa's political history, Soweto is an ideal place to shoot film that captures the turbulent but energetic history of Johannesburg.

Rosebank Sunday Market

The Rosebank Sunday Market's organizers boast that the market celebrates diversity through variety, and the rows of craft stalls, food vendors, live musicians, and children's entertainers do indeed reflect Johannesburg's immense range of peoples. Located on an open rooftop, the Rosebank Sunday Market also presents incredible views of Johannesburg's beautiful skyline and breathtaking sunsets. Videographers who wish to film interviews with a wide variety of Johannesburg's citizens will not be disappointed by the opportunities presented by the Rosebank Sunday Market.

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