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Southern California is the quintessential movie location, and Los Angeles for video production has the number one spot. Who hasn’t seen Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Capital Records building and the Beverly Hills Hotel in at least one movie, but probably more? There are plenty of lesser-known film locales to be found in Los Angeles, though. Here are some of them.

The team took on board our suggested ideas and not only produced a quality video, but were great fun to work with!Debbie Fuller

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Kiwi Landing Pad
Championing entrepreneurs who find balance – Vaughan Rowsell – Thought Leader Series
Kiwi Landing Pad
Thought Leader Series – Vaughan Rowsell – How is the internet changing the retail landscape?
Kiwi Landing Pad
A Conversation with Vaughan Rowsell – CEO & Founder of Vend
Spark Alumni – Priv Bradoo
Kiwi Landing Pad
Kiwi Landing Pad Holiday Party 2014 – Meet our Community
CMX Summit
CMX Summit 2014 – World’s Largest Gathering of Community Professionals
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Top Los Angeles Filming Destination

Santa Monica Carousel

Ah, the carousel. Perfect symbolic tool for the creative filmmaker. The carousel can signify change, eternity, or simply hide the gunman while your innocent character enjoys her cotton candy. This perfect little location can’t be beat, with its colorful racehorses and old time music.

The Last Bookstore

This filled-to-capacity bookstore isn’t really the last one in existence, though it may feel like it. Features marble pillars and endless cases of new and old tomes. Housed inside an abandoned bank building, this location is perfect for video production in Los Angeles.

Griffith Observatory

Tesla’s coil would be a great scene in a movie, even if you didn’t want to film the entirety of the Griffith Observatory, where it’s located. This old fashioned locale would suit a period movie or anything with a science fiction theme for a Los Angeles video production.

The Old Los Angeles Zoo

Who knows what use a creative filmmaker might find for the empty animal enclosure props at the old Los Angeles zoo? This entire setting would fit the bill for many Los Angeles video production location scouts.

Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building is filled with intricate wrought iron banisters and stairways with balconies and a glass ceiling. It even has its own caged elevators and courtyard. Steampunk anyone?

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