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Mini Documentaries Video Production

As with longer form documentary films, mini documentaries are intended to document some facet of real life and can be used to provide instruction on a process, to educate viewers on a subject or to simply record an important event. Mini documentaries typically run between two to 25 minutes and have the advantage of being able to be produced on a limited budget.

However, although mini documentaries are intended to record real life events, the production of these videos is more complex and involved than simply pointing and shooting a video camera. Successful mini documentaries still provide a narrative, and as with any type of film, these videos must follow a clear structure in order for the film to have a coherent narrative structure and for the viewers to understand the mini documentary’s message. By preparing and organizing before shooting any footage and by keeping sight of the goal of the video, filmmakers will be able to produce high-quality mini documentaries that engage and appeal to viewers.

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