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Networking Video Production

Networking is a powerful way of meeting new people and opening doors for your future. For many people, using video as a way of networking is a new and unique idea but it is a way to make a great and lasting first impression. Many people use video for networking as a way to show who they are and go above the typical business card introduction. They include a link to the video on the business card if they have one but they let the video speak for them. To make the best video, you will need to have the appropriate length. Too long and you will lose interest from the person watching. Too short and you will not be able to get any valuable information delivered. The perfect video will show who you are as a person and will allow you to provide details on what makes you a valuable contact. You will want to be short and sweet but get your message across so you can make an impact. As part of the video, you will want to appear natural and speak as if you are speaking to a friend, not reading from your resume. Focus on this and you will create the optimal video for your networking goals.

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