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New York City Video Production

The Big Apple isn’t short of landmarks or touristy areas for those who do video production in New York City. After all, it’s got the Statue of Liberty, the golden bull on Wall Street and the Empire State Building. But what about the other hidden spots of NYC? These New York City video production locales are ideal for both budding and seasoned videographers.

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Top New York City Filming Destination

City Hall Station

This abandoned subway station has everything a period filmmaker could desire. Built in the early 1940’s, it features original glass tiles, vaulted ceilings and magnificent chandeliers.

Roosevelt Island Hospital Ruins

This creepy location would be perfect for a video about hauntings, lunatics or worse. The Roosevelt Island hospital ruins are anything but hospitable, but an enterprising video production crew in New York City would surely be able to secure a filming permit.

Obscura Antique Shop

By day it’s a regular antique shop. At night, the creepy skulls and human remains might get up to no good. In the back room are the remains of an anatomy student’s forays into body parts and antique medical tools, all perfect for a New York City video production crew looking for a horror locale.

5 Beekman Street

5 Beekman Street has recently been renovated into a luxury hotel, which means a New York City video production crew would likely be very welcome to film inside or out. The building features stunning architecture comprised of ornate wrought iron balconies, a glass ceiling and spectacular natural light. Basically, a filmmaker’s dream location.

The Sewers

Yes, anywhere in the sewers of New York City a video production crew is likely to get one of a kind shots. Perfect for a shoot-out or chase scene, the sewers of NYC are large enough for an entire film crew to pass through. Be careful in there.

Katz’s Deli

Of course, Katz’s Deli is perfect for a pastrami sandwich, but it was also the perfect setting for Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal’s iconic scene in “When Harry Met Sally.” It’s still a great filming location, with plenty of natural light in a good old American diner atmosphere.

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