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Nuremburg Video Production

Almost everyone has heard of Nuremberg, Germany in some situation. Many people associate Nuremberg with the Nuremberg trials that occurred in 1945 at the end of World War II that sentenced many Nazi party officials to prison or to death. While this is undoubtedly an important part of the city's history, people also need to understand that there is more to Nuremberg than its World War II background. In fact, Nuremberg has a variety of attractions that have made video production in Nuremberg a growing industry. There is a significant amount of history as well as a wide variety of scenery that every video production crew can take advantage of. For some of the most popular locations for video production in Nuremberg, check out some of the suggestions below. It might just take that film to the next level.

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Top Nuremburg Filming Destination

Nuremberg Castle

The Nuremberg Castle is what many people want to visit when they arrive in Nuremberg; however, this castle is so much more than a tourist destination. In fact, this castle went up during the medieval era and has towering spires surrounded by lush forests that are appropriate for a wide variety of movie genres.

Nazi Party Rally Grounds

It wouldn't be a discussion of Nuremberg without taking a moment to acknowledge the World War II history of the city. The rally grounds make for an exciting movie background and are also located in the center of the city. Anyone looking for a busy city square for their film will appreciate this destination.

The House of Albrecht Durer

For those who do not know, Albrecht Durer is a famous artist. His house is still open for viewing by the general public and contains a significant amount of his work. People in need of an artistic background for their drama should consider filming in his home.

St. Lorenz Church

Almost every film needs a beautiful church or cathedral to fill out a scene and the St. Lorenz church doesn't leave anything to be desired. Complete with towering spires and beautiful stained glass, this church is truly gorgeous.


Many people are interested in finding a local market because of the busy feel, the local merchants, and the wide variety of food and goods that are front and center. Those looking for that kind of setting should definitely check out the popular Hauptmarkt. This unique shop setting will give everyone the feel that they're looking for.

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