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Poland Video Production

Despite its long history and large population, Poland is an often overlooked resource for video production. However, its status as a hidden gem works well for filmmakers and photographers, as costs are kept much lower than those in Western Europe. This makes the country a great choice for artists on a budget who don't want to sacrifice quality for value.

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Top Poland Filming Destination

Kraków Old Town

With over a thousand years of history to draw from, Kraków's historic district is perfect for evoking city life from every era. The popular Main Market Square offers a wide open space especially suited for shots of large gatherings of people.

Książ Castle

Originally built in the 13th century, Książ has become one of Poland's most filmed locations for both personal projects and major motion pictures alike. This stately palace features a blend of Gothic, Rococo, and Baroque architectures that lends a uniquely royal ambiance.

Śródmieście Warsaw

Like the rest of the country, the Polish capital of Warsaw has a rich history hundreds of years in the making. The central borough of Śródmieście evidences this tapestry best, hosting both the city's oldest historical building (The Royal Castle, built in the 13th century) along with its tallest structure (The Palace of Culture and Science, constructed in the early 1950s).

Tatra National Park

Historical man-made structures aren't the only filming locations Poland has to offer, and a number of scenic natural landmarks can be found throughout the country. Tatra National Park is one of the most beautiful of these, featuring over 80 square miles of majestic Alpine mountains, lush meadows, and a series of more than 30 crystalline lakes.

Piotrkowska Street

As one of Europe's largest commercial streets, Piotrkowska Street typifies the robust open air markets that have been central to local commerce for hundreds of years. Far from remaining static in that time, however, Piotrkowska Street has gone through many periods of revitalization, adding a modern touch along with rustic cobblestones.

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