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Prague Video Production

Eastern Europe is still a developing country but the developing world is often juxtaposed against a metropolitan area like Prague. Prague is one of the largest cities in the world and located in the Czech Republic. It is known for its rich history, friendly people, and diverse sights. In fact, this diverse scenery has made it a popular place to film movies. Everyone knows that location is a vital part of movie production because the location sets the stage for every scene in a movie. It is the first facet of the scene that draws the eyes of the audience. When it comes to video production in Prague, there are several locations that everyone should check out when filming a movie. Some of the top sights that movie producers shouldn’t miss have been discussed below.

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Top Prague Filming Destinations

The Charles Bridge

Almost everyone has heard of the Charles Bridge and those who haven't should understand that the Charles Bridge is a vital structure in Prague that links the old, historical side of Prague with the new, modern portion of Prague. The bridge is filled with numerous artists and entertainers. Bridges are often iconic parts of movies and this bridge is perfect for those scenes.

The Prague Astronomical Clock

This is a beautiful structure that went up during the Middle Ages and has survived both World Wars to make it to this day. It resides on the front of city hall and has the twelve apostles from the Bible as the hours of the day. Clocks are often good ways to indicate time passing in movies. This clock can serve that purpose.

The St. Vitus Cathedral

Religion is an important part of Prague and often has an important role in movies. The St. Vitus Cathedral is the home of Saint Vitus as well as other saints. The gothic architecture can bring a movie scene together.

Josefov Quarter

This is the name given to a portion of Prague that is still developing. It is home to a poor section of the population that is surrounded by unique architecture. The feeling from this quarter of town may be good for some scenes.

The Vysehrad

This area is home to a beautiful castle from the Middle Ages, secret passages, and even a basilica. Its towering structures create a unique feel that is perfect for movie scenes requiring a Medieval background and militaristic feel.

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