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Richmond VA Video Production

Richmond is such a beautiful and historic part of Virginia for photographers and videographers to take to amazing images that it’s difficult to settle on a limited amount of locations for any best-of list on the topic. From the stoic and industrial shipyards to the fascinating abandoned buildings that abound there to the romantic overlooks, hiking trails and charming cityscapes- there really is too much to choose from. This is especially so if you have a willing subject for portraits who is will lend her or his image to your work. At any rate, here is our attempt to whittle down the many outstanding photo spots in Richmond VA to a precious few.

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Top Richmond VA Filming Destination

North Bank Trail

Whether you’re interested in portraits with a mild wilderness background, macro shots of interesting plants and creatures, or placid pastoral images of the fields and planes, the North Bank Trail is a great choice. Take a date for a photographic picnic, or just record the natural beauty.

Byrd Park by Dogwood Dell Amphitheater

Whether in the winter or spring, the tree line at Byrd park gives you plenty of interesting backgrounds to work with. Autumn leaves, grassy fields, the handsome and traditional looking lamp posts, as well as the historic bell tower, will all conspire to make your video project a real stunner.

Cedar Works Row

Dilapidated brick and iron work buildings over the scrubby ground cover next to the wide and lazy James River enable you to set any kind of tone that you wish. Strange and antique structures lend themselves to earnest landscapes and abstract compositions. What’s more, sitting on one side of the river with a telephoto lens is a great way to spend a day if you’re interested in documenting the wildlife.

Great Shiplock Park

One of the most iconic and romantic spots in Richmond, the old and abandoned riverside industrial buildings- with their muted block colors- look even better on film than they do in real life. A mood striking rail stretched along the river, bent and warped by time and the shifting of the fiver bank, and the rustic covered bridgework is always a charming background or subject.

Childsavers Overlook

This location offers a perfect overlook of the historic town of Richmond with its water towers and charming skyline. It is the quintessential middle east coast city, and this vantage point shows it in its full glory.

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