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Sao Paulo Video Production

People with experience in the realm of video production understand that having the right location for a film is one of the first steps in a quality film. The location sets the backdrop, theme, and mood for most scenes and there is a reason why Brazil has become a popular locale for video production. Brazil is known for its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, friendly people, and bustling cities. Within Brazil, Sao Paulo has developed a reputation among movie producers and directors for being aa well-rounded location to shoot a wide variety of scenes. It is known for its rich culture and its beautiful scenery. When it comes to video production in Sao Paulo, Brazil, some of the most popular locations are described below.

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Top Sao Paulo Filming Destination

Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park is one of the largest parks in the Sao Paulo area. It has a multitude of museums and recreation areas including a planetarium. In fact, is has a diverse array of scenery all in one place. Don't be afraid to venture inside the planetarium for a contrast in styles from the outdoor world!

Paulista Avenue

When people think of Sao Paulo, they think about the busy city streets and Paulista Avenue certainly paints this attitude. The avenue is known around the world as one of the cultural centers of both Brazil and Sao Paulo. It is over a mile long and has numerous shops to create that big city feel.

Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo

Sometimes, video production in Sao Paulo requires a museum shot to create a little bit of history for the movie. This museum is one of the unique buildings in Brazil because it has been placed in a building that went up in 1900. Known for its unique exhibits, anyone looking for a historical feel will love this site.

The Sao Paulo Cathedral

Cathedrals are a popular location for shooting movie scenes because of their towering style and unique architecture. This cathedral is no different. For any religious needs with video production in Sao Paulo, stop by this cathedral for those shots.

The Municipal Market of Sao Paulo

Markets are a popular location for video production because of their busy feel, unique goods, and diverse people. The municipal market is known for selling rare fruit and vegetables that might make a good background for a movie scene taking place on a busy city street.

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