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Security Video Production

When your business involves the security sector, you know all about video – video surveillance, that is. But what about marketing videos that really speak to your prospective clients and help you win more business from your target demographic? YouTube is the second top search engine in the world, featuring over 153 million unique users. A full 85% of internet users in the United States watch video online. Is your company taking advantage of this huge marketing demographic?

If you aren’t using video in your overall marketing plan, you could be losing out on potential business. Whether you need to reach out to homeowners on Facebook or business professionals through LinkedIn, video is a powerful channel to reach your audience and provide them with the information you need to convey. It doesn’t matter if you need to create an explainer video providing information on how your security tools work or general tips to help people live more secure lives, increasing your video presence helps build your business. But beyond the content, the video should also reflect your firm’s professional quality equipment and services. If you’re wondering how to achieve this goal, we’ll help you along the way.

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90 Seconds – The world’s leading cloud video production platform

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