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Spain Video Production

So you want to shoot in Spain where the landscape is diverse and rich with life. From the rolling hills crested white with thousands of fluffy sheep to architecture and art that could only have been conceived in some of the most eccentrically brilliant minds: Dali, Gaudi and Goya, you'll find the perfect place to shoot a Spain Video Production.

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Top Spain Filming Destination

Sevilla (Seville)

Sevilla is the largest city in the Adalusian region of Spain, but it still feels so small and untouched by time. If you are fascinated with Roman architecture, but just can't make it to Rome, check this place out. Stroll down the stone streets along the massive stone aquaducts that once brought the city water down from the hills. They've been standing for more than a thousand years.

Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba

If you know your Spanish history, you know that it has a rich history of Conquistadors and the Inquisition, of battles over faith and religion. The Mosque-Cathedral, is so named because it was originally a Mosque of the Muslim faith that was converted to a Catholic place of worship and yet the distinctly "Arabic" architecture was left to stand and has been admired since the 1400's. While it is obviously a place of religious controversy, it is a very unique and interesting place to shoot.

Al- Hambra in Granada

The Al Hambra in Granada is another piece of history just waiting to be discovered. This area was once an extension of the primarily Muslim kingdoms to the south and is therefore a European Castle with very defining Arabic Architecture from the high and ornate arches to the small, colorful tiles that bring a splash of festivity to the place.

Local Bars

This is not one location, but if you want to capture Spain, you'll want to get the nightlife. And they are everywhere. Cities and towns are filled with small bars that only fit a dozen or so patrons at a time. Revelers drink, dance -- and fight, if you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Pastoral Life

When doing a video production in Spain, you may want to capture the more laid back life of sheep herders who have been raising sheep in the traditional ways for generations upon generations. It adds a serene tranquility that might break up more busy and dramatic shots or become a peaceful documentary of the pastoral life.

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