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It’s not enough to read about different destinations around the world, nowadays people want to see them in all their glory. A video is the closest, without visiting, to actually experiencing a location you can achieve. Once people get that first taste of a destination through a 90 Seconds video they will be overly eager to take the next step and visit.

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A video gives you the chance to highlight the best a destination has to offer and show it off in all its glory. You achieve this through epic visuals full of vibrant colours and dynamic camera work all layered over harmonious audio tracks that immerse the viewer completely into the experience they can expect when they visit. The aim is to create an emotional connection that fills the audience with a desire to immediately get away to your destination. Below are some tips that will help you create the feeling of adventure through awe-inspiring visuals that connect with viewers on an emotional level.

90 secs would be my goto for any video production. Its the easiest and most transparenct way to plan / edit and complete mutliple video productions. Love the platform !Saloni Khanna

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