Sean Marchetti


Sean Marchetti is a producer at 90 Seconds. His video production career started in radio as a promotions specialist. He was given a professional camera, without knowing how to use it and was tasked to take videos of concerts, artists interviews and live events for the radio station’s website. Sean then took his experience to a TV production company in the San Francisco Bay Area as production assistant. He learned every aspect of production as he assisted every department. After grinding it out in TV for a while, he decided to try out the tech industry. He was able to execute internal and external marketing videos as a Director and Producer. After years of working in dual roles, he stepped back and focused on working behind the scenes producing content for corporate companies. As a producer, he was drawn to 90 Seconds.

Sean has a Bachelor of Science in Digital Film and Video Production. He’s a movie buff who tries to watch a brand new film every week.

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