Wood burner and fireplace installation and products – Broady’s

Wood burner and fireplace installation and products – Broady’s

Broady’s have been leaders in the sale of the outdoor cooker, gas fire and wood burner for over 125 years. John Broady emigrated from Cheshire, UK in 1879 and was employed by Hyauiason’s the rangemakers locksmiths, before setting up his own business in 1885. John specialised in coal ranges as did his son, and his grandson Doug!

Even though the Broady family is not directly involved these days, Broady’s still carry their proud name. Today Broady’s can give you the widest range of wood burner, gas fire products and fireplace installation, right here in New Zealand and sourced from all around the world. From a modern outdoor cooker that provides cooking, domestic water heating and central heating if required, to fireplace installation, gas fire, freestanding wood burner and ‘Open’ fireplaces for both indoor and outdoor use.

Broady’s service extends beyond the front door. If you can’t come to Broady’s wood burner and outdoor cooker showrooms Broady’s will happily make a time to visit you home and discuss all aspects for a successful fireplace installation. Broady’s offer a supply and freight service throughout New Zealand and the neighbouring islands to the wider Pacific Region.

Broady’s contract fireplace installation and plumbers are available or they can give advice to your own plumber.

Broady’s carry spare parts for all odels marketed by themselves and their workshop also carries out fireplace installation and repairs.

Broadys have been heating NZ Homes for over 120 years. Broady’s stock the leading brands of wood burner, gas fire, solid fuel cooker, outdoor cooker, and wood fired ovens. Broady’s specialist staff can advise on your heating and cooking requirements, take care of building permits and arrange installation through a NZHHA registered installer.

The next time you are shopping for a wood burner, gas fire our an outdoor cooker, think Broady’s for your purchase and fireplace installation.

For more information visit: http://www.broadys.co.nz/

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