Zach Pinfold – Video Content Producer at 90 Seconds

Zach Pinfold, video content producer, talks about online video and his role at 90 Seconds.

Video excites me because it can be produced anywhere and reach out to a huge, global audience.

It gives a person or company the ability to amplify their message and can be created to appeal to any niche audience.

I believe some of these messages need more than just words or sound or pictures to show its worth, so this is where video is a perfect fit and a powerful tool.

Online video allows for a more personalised stamp on your company or idea and is tailored to your specific wants and needs.

My job is to create high quality content that you love, your viewers love, and in a way that perfectly aligns with your vision. I manage company equipment, footage and work alongside the Head of Content in ensuring that internal shoots and edits run smoothly, and are produced at the highest quality. Where necessary, I also efficiently work with our success managers and make any amendments to already existing content as per request.

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